Fort Winter Festival

This year at Mission Ridge Winter Park, we will be hosting two Snowmobiling events. Each event has prizes, and anyone can enter.

Uphill Drag

The Uphill Drag is a drag race up the hill, where you can win a prize from one of our sponsors. There is a prize for each entry class.

Entry fee is $25 per sled, per class.

Entry Classes consist of:

  • Stock 600cc
  • Improved 600cc
  • Stock 700cc
  • Improved 700cc
  • Stock 800cc
  • Improved 800cc
  • Stock Over 800cc
  • Improved Over 800cc
  • Ladies Up to 800cc
  • Turbo Class
  • Snow Bike Class


  • Machines must remain in staging area untill called up to the line
  • No Snowmobiling outside designated race/ride out areas
  • No Liquor Snow
  • Arctic Cat and Yamaha 3cyl 4-Strokes will run in 600cc stock unless Super/Turbo
  • Super/Turbo Charged Arctic Cat and Yamaha 3cyl 4-Strokes will run in Turbo Class
  • 1100 Turbo Arctic Cats will run in Turbo Class
  • Any sled can go up in classes in proper category eg: Stock/Improved
* Additional Classes Will Be Added If There Is Enough Interest

King of the Hill

The King of the Hill is a Drag Race between all classes, winner takes all Cash Prize. The total amount of the prize pool is determined by the number of entries.

Entry fee is $40 per sled.

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To Register Your Sled, please visit the Fort Winter Festival Store Here. Please note, when you check out your order, that you fill out your sled details.