Bubba's Catering Menu

Meals include bread, butter, coffee and tea plus one choice from each of the following:


Choice of 1 salad: Tossed lettuce salad; Coleslaw; Pasta Salad


Choice of 1 Starch:

Creamy whipped potatoes; Baby Roast Potatoes; Rice Pilaf


Choice of 1 Vegetable:

Seasonal Vegetables


Choice of 1 Dessert:

Carrot Cake; Cheesecake


When you provide your own liquor, you are responsible for your own permit. Corkage charge is $3.00 per person. This includes glasses, ice, and mix.

When you provide your own wine, wine glasses are an additional cost of $30.00 per 100 people. Our bartenders must be used at a charge of $15.00
per hour from the beginning of the function to the end.

Hall Rental

Hall rental, with no meal service $1200.00. Hall Rental with full meal $600.00

Coffee and Tea can be provided at an additional cost of $100.00 per 100 people.

Midnight Lunch

Include: cold meat- 2 choices, cheese, pickles, buns, coffee and tea. With full meal $6.95 per person

Midnight Lunch only $10.95 per person

Table Service

There is a charge of $15.00 per server per hour. A minimum of two servers are required for every 65 people.

Table Linens

Linen tablecloths, carry an additional charge. $100.00 per 100 people. Linen Napkins $75.00 per 100 people

*Absolutely* No Confetti* No Sequins* No Bubbles* No Stickers
*Candles must be in holders
*Note* Payment is due on the night of the function
*Note* All prices are subject to G.S.T.
*Note* All prices are subject to change
*Note* Gratuities are accepted and appreciated